Stuck on determining if and what mind supplements to choose. Not an unusual situation with the unbelievable quantity of cognitive enhancers around nowadays, it is tough to see the forest through the trees. Piracetam, a derivative of the naturally occurring neurotransmitter gab, is the most ancient of all artificial no tropics, but it is still among the most common used enhancers today. When it was first designed in the mid 1960’s, scientists were amazed by its’ remarkable cognitive improving potential. However, scientists had no clue as for what the potential molecular mechanisms were for the observed cognitive improvement, but back then and still now that this did not stop anybody from experimentation with different chemical substances and detecting the resulting effects, finally resulting in the discovery of Piracetam.

It was first used for clinical functions from the 70’s and ever since it is been used for clinical purposes in a huge selection of cases, which range from the treatment of schizophrenia and alcoholism, to various other instances of cognitive impairment. But back then people were already struck by positive effects on healthy folks. More interesting is perhaps effects on healthy folks. These effects include enhanced memory functioning, enhanced learning, lower depression, a better communication between the two brain hemispheres, and it is even said that Piracetam inhibits the aging process in the brain, allowing your mind to keep an optimal condition. Quite an impressive list of features! Oh was it said that Piracetam reduces alcohol’s damaging effects.

Truth is, the mechanics of action responsible for pirate’s consequences are even nowadays still not entirely understood. Some of the knowledge we have of Piracetam tells us the following though: it is known that Piracetam interacts with a particular kind of receptor on the nerves, causing a modulation of ion channel and ion carriers, which causes the neuron to put in a type of ‘excited’ or eased state. This may cause the ‘overall’ cognitive enhancement induced by Piracetam. In addition, this buy modafinil supplement also improves the operation of different neurotransmitter systems, including the cholinergic system comprising acetylcholine reactions, responsible for memory formation and the system by acting on specific glutamate receptors responsible for memory and learning. Yep, Piracetam is definitely quite the all-rounder among brain supplements, as it also increases blood circulation and oxygen consumption to specific areas of the brain.